Pretty Agile is the home to some of the world’s most experienced Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) practitioners.

We specialise in providing SAFe training, consulting and coaching services both in Australia and across the globe. Founded in 2014 we are one of the top ten Scaled Agile Transformation Partners in the world having trained 7,500 people on the Scaled Agile Framework. We are also the only Australian based Scaled Agile Partner with a SAFe Fellow and two SPCTs.

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SAFe Implementation

Are you considering adopting the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) in your business?

Are you looking to get started with SAFe but don’t know how? Don’t go it alone! Pretty Agile is here to help! Leverage the deep expertise of Pretty Agile’s SAFe Consulting team to accelerate your transformation by helping you navigate challenges and avoiding potential pitfalls.

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Our role-based SAFe training courses are designed with the specific objective of upskilling individuals to apply the values, principles and practices of Business Agility.

By attending our Scaled Agile training, you will gain an appreciation of the Scaled Agile methodology and the business results achieved by Lean-Agile Enterprises.

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Our Values

The core values of the Scaled Agile Framework underpin the culture that must be present within the organisation’s employees at every level.
Achieving effective Business Agility requires alignment between an organisation’s strategy and team level execution.
Built-in Quality
The delivery of quality solutions is fundamental to competing in the digital age.
The delivery of high quality, customer centric solutions can be challenging.
Program Execution
Sustainable delivery of valuable business solutions through the relentless focus on program execution and systemic system improvement
Leading SAFe
The organisation’s managers, leaders and executives are ultimately responsible for the adoption, success and ongoing acceleration of Business Agility across the enterprise.

Our Clients

The team at Pretty Agile has supported companies across the globe on their journey to implementing SAFe. Here are some of the organisations we have worked with:

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